Simon Lord

Simon was diagnosed with MS in 1986 and, due to the increasing effects of the condition, his ability to carry on his sporting activities have dramatically reduced until seven years ago he discovered E-bikes (battery assisted cycling).

Calendar programme for 2012

In April Simon was asked to take his E-bikes to the MS Live conference at Manchester and introduce fellow suffers to the benefits of the bikes which give independence, well being, and increased health.

In May he rode around the Pennines in the Over Edge Cycle charity ride completing the 29 mile course.

June saw him entered for the Greater Manchester City Cycle charity ride, which was held on closed roads around the City. He completed two thirteen mile laps and maintained the required average speed of twelve miles per hour

In October he wanted to enter a more challenging event that had a purpose and an unusual venue. This was the MS Society of America New York Cycle Ride.

Planned Rides for 2013

Over the Edge, Greater Manchester City Cycle, London Midnight ride, and hopefully a new and challenging event (to be confirmed).