Kit Reviews

The aim of this section of the site is to post up user's reviews of the equipment that they have tried.  We hope that this will help to bring to your attention useful equipment and to help you make decisions when you need to buy similar equipment.

We are very happy to receive you reviews, so let us know through the Contact Us page that you have written a review for publication here.

Some Rules for Contributions

If you submit a review it must be your own work and not copied from elsewhere.  The work should also not have been published elsewhere in print or online.  You will be attributed with the authorship and copyright of the review. Where your work requires us to input a lot of editorial work we reserve the right to make the copyight notice a joint one.

However, Cycling Otherwise reserves the right to edit your submission in terms of length and to ensure that it conforms, as far as we can tell, to our standards of impartiality.  We also reserve the right to edit any text that contains disciminatory views or views we consider inappropriate. Our decision of whether to publish a submission is final.