Where can I go?

The oft repeated plea of the not quite able-bodied outdoors fan.  Well, this section hopes to provide an answer to that question, based upon our own experiences.  Hopefully too, we will be able to add in the recommendations of others who have found enjoyable accessible places to get out and about.

To use these routes you simply need to download the ZIP file of the route and extract the two files.  One is the Gogle Earth .kmz file which, if clicked will load Google earth and display the route.  The other file is the basic information file in .PDF format.  You can open this with Acrobat or any other PDF reader.

From June 2017 we are starting to add routes and transfer existing ones to the ViewRanger application.  This runs on PC and smart phones enabling you to download our route straight to your smart phone. It also has the facility to enable you to search for any published routes in the area where you are. Useful search criteria will be 'handcycle friendly', 'walking with wheels' and the more conventional 'cycling' or 'walking'. You can enter the search term 'Cycling Otherwise' to see the list of routes we have published on Viewranger.

The only downside of the Viewranger App is the need to sign up and create an account.  However that is free but, like Google, they will probably be tracking your travels. There is a download as .GPX option that would enabkle you to load the route into a GPS device that does not do tracking.

You would be advised to consult the appropriate Ordnance Survey sheet that covers the route.  In addition you should do your own research into toilets and cafes.  We record what we find at the time, but such facilities can close and more may do so given the current financial constraints on local authorities.

Remember that you use these routes at your own risk, but we hope that in using them, you will find them enjoyable and rewarding.  If you use them and would like to send us updates, that would be greatly appreciated.

Ooops! (But thanks for trying)

This page considers the issue of access and will include links to information on good practice guides, examples of best practice, etc.  However, we are not good at being 'worthy' all the time, so for your amusement we have a section devoted to attempts to provide access for the less-than able-bodied that have not quite succeeded.  We will provide our views on why we have come to the 'failed' conclusion so that our experience may filter up to those who are in a position to make decisions.

We would love to publish any examples that you have encountered on your travels.  What we need is information on the location of the facility, a photograph, and an explanation of why it does not fit the bill.  If you can see an easy solution to make it right, please feel free to add that in.  Use the contact form to get in touch and we can take it from there.

Here is the Ooops! page.